Core soft skills: Diplomacy

Next up in our series of blog posts on core soft skills I am going to look at diplomacy and tact for assistants. Assistants have to possess a number of soft or interpersonal skills. Some are essential, some are nice-to-haves and others can be handy but not always necessary. Diplomacy (or at the very least tact) is an absolute must have. 

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How to create an assistant handbook

On March 26th I joined some of the PA community’s most motivated and inspiring representatives at the annual Assist conference, speaking in a case study slot on “Future proofing your career”. One of the best ways to add value, progress, and drive change is by creating a handbook for assistants at your company. Having led the development of a handbook for two global organisations, my session focussed on the process from start to finish:

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How to deal with conflicting priorities

Although the role of an assistant can be incredibly varied, there are certain aspects that all of us will face at some point in our career. We all have similar experiences in the workplace… Yes, I do know where the photocopier is… No, I can’t fix the paper jam… And then there are the competencies that we all need to get the job done. Today we will be looking at how we deal with conflicting priorities.

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Core soft skill: Resilience

Over the next few months I am going to introduce a few new features on Practically Perfect PA. We currently have the Day in the Life and Technology of the Week posts, which seem to be really popular. Today I am going to start a new one – Core Skills. I’m not just going to write about which skills we need I am also going to look at how these skills are linked to the role specifically.
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A letter to my bullying boss!

We have all experienced someone somewhere throughout our careers that just doesn’t want to make life easy. Whether it’s your new work colleague that’s worried you are going to take their job or a boss who has just taken a disliking to you, belittling everything you do, questioning every step you make or ensuring that you seem to get the blame for everything that goes wrong.

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