Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising? Today’s organisations require their employees to be more enterprising, more aware of the needs of customers and more involved in developing their products and services. It is harder than ever to differentiate as a business, keep customers returning and increase profits.  By having every member of staff thinking in an enterprising way and being more commercially minded it is possible to stand out above the competition.

By asking staff to be enterprising it does not mean that everyone is expected to suddenly become an entrepreneur, but instead that they generally think in a more enterprising way.  For example, if a client has a different need to the norm, is there a way you can assist them that isn’t unreasonable, still ensures the company makes a profit and keeps the client happy?  Perhaps you can see ways in which you could change or improve something in the business which would develop the quality of the offering or increase profits.

Enterprise isn’t just about coming up with big money making ideas.  Many of the smaller, easier to implement ideas that staff members come up with can hugely impact the efficiency and profitability of a company. Take for example the staff in a manufacturing company who researched and implemented changing the packaging to a cleaner cheaper option. Or the secretary who implemented an on-line time booking system for admin tasks so her work was more evenly spread and the team could see if she had availability to take on a project without calling her.

Many of the easier ideas, once implemented can be replicated throughout an organisation and have a huge impact.  This provides staff with a feeling of satisfaction and involvement in the company’s success. So what ideas can you develop and implement in your company?

What can you do?

First off, any member of staff has the potential to support an idea, opportunity or realise there is something that can be improved upon. Consider some of the following:

Improve the things you do

Some of the easiest, yet effective, enterprising ideas are linked to improving those things that you already do.  Improving the quality of the product or service, speed of delivery, cost of delivery or ease of delivery.  Often a way to improve something you already do can come from seeing another company do something in an improved manner or by thinking it through yourself.  Making improvements is one of the easiest enterprising options there is.  Obviously the more radical the change or improvement is, the harder it is to gain permission or buy in from others. However, on the whole managers and leaders are happy for staff members to work on ways of improving the things they already do.  It is also often possible to then roll out the idea to other staff members in order for it to have a higher level of impact.

For example, you may be expected to manage meeting room bookings and be expected to know who needs a meeting room and when.  Introducing a meeting room booking app is a simple yet successful solution. Whilst it may not seem like a valuable solution, if it saves time and money this can be a great idea.  What’s more, you can set time slots to help people keep on time in meetings.  Perfect – a simple but effective answer to a constant issue.

Collaborate with others

Collaboration is a fantastic way of finding new and improved ways of working.  Often collaborations can lead to new products and services being developed or moving into new markets. By collaborating you can support each other’s ideas, more than one idea can come together to create a much better idea and you can utilise each other’s skills and abilities.  Often by collaborating you can increase each others confidence, competitiveness and willingness to give new things a try.

A great example of collaborating is where several personal assistants within an organisation collaborate to improve the purchasing of goods and services. By working together, you can both share workloads so not everyone is carrying out the same price comparison research and ordering the same or similar items. Plus, you can often get better deals from purchasing in bulk.  Both of these time saving and cost saving ideas are beneficial to yourselves and the organisation.

Support other staff to be more enterprising

As a key member of the team you are perfectly suited to support others in their enterprising projects.  Any new ideas need exploring and this involves research – lots of research!  Looking into competitors, customer needs, costs, opportunities and market place work as well as developing marketing ideas, business plans and number crunching are all things you can help with.

For example, you could be the collator of all the information putting it together into a business plan to present to the senior team.  You are ideal to act as the organiser and keep track of the information collated and chase people for their elements whilst putting together all the information already received.

These are just some ideas for you to be more enterprising or help your team, department or employer to be more enterprising.  To learn more about how you can develop a more enterprising mind-set visit my web site for more information on developing enterprising people.

Can a PA help their employer be more enterprising?

This guest post was written by Rebecca Jones from the Red Shoe Biz Woman. Rebecca was one of the great speakers at the Assist Conference 2017. If you would like to find out more about next year’s conference, visit our event page