Sometimes it can difficult to remember what it is that you love about your job or why you are doing it in the first place (other than paying the bills!) so I thought I would dedicate today’s blog to sharing a little assistant love. Last year I asked the question ‘What do you love about the assistant role?‘ and here are some of the answers.

  • No two days are ever the same. I also like the responsibility of supporting the board and the level of knowledge that I have achieved
  • The flexibility to plan my own workload, as long as the job gets done.
  • The good skills that can be used in different business areas/companies
  • Using my OCD-like skills to help people
  • The fact that what I do helps others to be effective
  • I like to work closely with my charges and build up a relationship with them to support them in their role more efficiently.
  • I’m in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them
  • Influencing business decisions
  • Fire-fighting and implementing long term solutions to ensure the smooth day to day running of the business
  • Working closely with decision-makers at the highest levels of the business, being privy to big decisions that are made, feeling that I make my boss’ life run more smoothly and easily.
  • I have a great Director who I have worked with for the last 6 years and this makes my job more enjoyable. I am very aware that who we assist can make or break our jobs!
  • Being the fountain of all knowledge and being able to help.
  • Making a difference, supporting and adding value to someone’s work-life.
  • Being at the cutting edge of business
  • You can work in any industry you want. There is a very large variety of jobs. Because this job exists in almost every business, I am not afraid of unemployment. Those reasons are the very ones why I chose this profession.
  • I enjoy supporting senior managers as I get to know a lot without too much of the responsibility that goes with it.
  • Respect from other colleagues in view of my experience (40 years). It is gratifying to be able to help others when they come to me to ask for advice. Great synergy with my boss whom I’ve known and worked for for years (he had invited me to work for him when he changed jobs).
  • I like the variation of my role, one day I’m typing up meeting the notes the next I’m creating a company newsletter or something completely different. I like being the go to person who knows a bit about lots of different departments.
  • It is a role where you can make as much or as little of it as you want.
  • I am a people person. I like to do things that make people feel good about their job and themselves.
  • I am lucky as my boss is a public person so in a normal day I can handle something to do with press, events organisation, HR (stages), guest relations, speeches elaboration, etc. I’m lucky because he really takes in consideration my opinion and I am always free to tell what I think.
  • It keeps me on my toes and allows me to do what I do best, which is being organized and one step ahead.
  • Being able to influence decisions and always having a variety of things to do – I would get bored doing the same old thing – I like putting out fires.
  • Working with my Director – she is awesome and I learn so much from her.
  • I love the flexibility of my post whilst being in the constraints of a public sector organisation. I have a great boss who lets me use my own initiative and makes me feel valued! I have recently formed a PA Network within the organisation and my role has allowed me to do this.
  • I highly enjoy arranging travel, it’s very rewarding seeing a complex itinerary complete!
  • The freedom to make decisions for the company.
  • I get to meet (in person or via email) a wide variety of people – you never know who will be in touch next.
  •  It affords me wonderful insight into the ‘top layer’ of a company. How it really works the good, bad and ugly of running a company, making the decisions.
  • Making a difference and that every single day is a new adventure!
  • I work for a Chairman who is creatively brilliant, but hopeless at everything else! I organise all his personal insurances, travel, utility bills, vehicles, invitations etc. as well as work commitments.
  • I love being behind the scenes doing the work that my managers don’t have time for and don’t want to deal with, i.e. meeting arrangements, meals, catering, running reports.
  • There is never a time when I am not busy. Every day there is something different and there are always areas that require me to push myself to the next level.

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