Over the last few weeks, I’ve been writing about social media and how best assistants can use it for their professional lives. This week I want to look at how we can use our skills in this area to add value to our organisation. I know some business are still banning certain websites and it can be difficult to change the executive management’s mind when it comes to using social media at work. But, if your company is embracing all of the positive aspects of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. then here are a few tips on how you can use the knowledge you have effectively at work.


If you are like me and enjoy writing and reading lots of blogs, then you will have picked up an invaluable skill that can be easily adapted for business. Does your company have a blog? If so ask if you could write something for it or if your manager contributes then draft a blog on their behalf.

Tweet Tweet

If you enjoy Twitter and understand how to use hashtags, follow influential people and companies, then this can be helpful for your company. See if your manager is on Twitter and if not, offer to set up an account for them and then manage their tweets and interaction. Additionally, if you are in a small office, you could monitor the company Twitter account and interact with clients. If you are running a team building event or get together, you could create a hashtag for the event and ask everyone to follow it for updates and information as the event takes place.

Corporate Social Media

Your company and most of your colleagues should be on LinkedIn. If not getting them set up on the website would be a great way to add value. If your manager is not on LinkedIn, I would imagine they receive requests all the time, so again you could recommend that you set their profile up and manage the emails and connections they have and possibly, going forward, you could handle the company’s LinkedIn page. In the meantime. Make sure you are on LinkedIn and join a few interesting groups in your industry so that you can receive relevant article and share these with your colleagues.


Most of us are on Facebook and wouldn’t mix our use of that website with our professional life, and I would agree on that point. However, if you work for an organisation that has a Facebook page offer to add content, manage and ‘like’ the page. If your privacy settings are stringent no one in your company will be able to see your what you write on your personal profile.

Creative and illustrative value

Pinterest is a brilliant way to add value for your company as I would imagine most corporate companies are not currently using the site. If you use Pinterest and love it (which most people do once they get going on the site), then you could use your skills to be creative in setting up their boards and adding pictures and other content.

Technology Geek

If you use social media, I would imagine you will be up to date on new technology and interesting websites that may add value in your company such as using Dropbox for file sharing, Evernote for task lists and reminders, Tripit for travel itineraries, about.me for online profile etc. Mentioning these to your peers will show that you understand new technology and how it can help with your business.

 So there are lots of ways you can add value using your personally developed social media skills. As I’ve said before our roles as assistants have and will continue to diversify so if you have additional capabilities that are generally not considered to be part of our set this can only benefit you and your company. 

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