Can I get your input?

Can I get your input?

Practically Perfect PA is nearly two years old. (Wow!) To celebrate, I’m turning a little introspective and over the next few months will be consolidating some of the posts into handy e-books and webinars for everyone. Also I am going to start writing a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on what has been happening with Practically Perfect PA, what I’ve been doing and any future events that I think you might find useful.

Today though, I have a favor to ask of you I would like to know a little more about you, your job, what you think of the assistant profession and also what you love, or don’t love, about Practically Perfect PA. Since I started the blog, I have not really asked my lovely readers about themselves and I do feel a little rude!

I’d appreciate your honest feedback, I really would! I’ll share a summary of the results next month, for the curious.

Would you please take my 2013 reader survey?

Thanks again for all of you that read the blog and send me such wonderful feedback, you really do make it worthwhile for me to keep going with Practically Perfect PA.

Just a quick note on the survey results: I want to assure you that the survey data will remain anonymous and will only be used to support the development of Practically Perfect PA. Under no circumstances will the data be passed to a third party.

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